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Introduction: How to Make Paper Sheep Face - Chinese Zodiac Origami

Brief Introduction of Chinese Zodiac Animals

Much like Western Astrology, the Chinese Zodiac is an ancient form of wisdom still consulted by millions of people today. It too has twelve signs, assigned to individuals according to their date of birth. The Chinese Zodiac, known as Sheng Xiao, is based on a twelve-year cycle, each year in that cycle related to an animal sign. These signs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. The ancient system runs from year to year, rather than month to month as the western zodiac. To be sure you have the right animal as your birth sign you need to know the starting date of the Spring Commences in the year that you were born. It is calculated according to Chinese lunar calendar.

Theme Animal of This Year

2015 is the Year of the Sheep according to Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Sheep starts from Feb. 19, 2015 (the Lunar New Year / Spring Festival of China) and lasts to Feb. 7, 2016. Sheep (goat or ram) is among the animals that people like most. It is gentle and calm. Since ancient times, people have learned to use its fleece to make writing brushes and skin to keep warm. The white cute creature often reminds people of beautiful things. Today we will introduce how to make an origami sheep face. This could be used in a Chinese culture class as a warm up activity. Teachers or students could follow this instruction and get a cute origami sheep face in a brief and quick way.

Step 1: Prepare Materials & Safety Instructions

Materials you need to prepare:

1. White paper

2. Scissors

3. Pen

Safety tips:

1. If you are an adult (teacher or parent) who want to direct your kids, remember to use a safe scissors which could eliminating the possibility of injury.

2. If you are a kid (student or any fans of handicraft), please use the scissors under an adult’s direction.

Step 2: Prepare a Piece of Squared Paper

In this step, you will prepare a square base for your origami. If you have already prepare for an origami square paper, you can skip this step directly.

1. Fold from the top left corner to near the bottom of the page

2. Make sure the paper is perfect to near the edge

3. Cut the left overs from the bottom there should be a long strip of paper on the bottom cut that off

Step 3: Make an Folding Base

In this step you will learn how to make the base fold of a sheep face. If you are familiar with making an origami crane, this step must be quite easy for you because they are the same. If you are not, don't worry. I'll show you with pictures how to fold it step by step.

1. Put one square base on the table, and fold in have diagonally. (Pic 1)

2. Fold right corner to the left. (Pic 2)

3.Open top layer and squash fold left corner to the bottom corner. (Pic 3)

4. Fold right flap all the way to the left. (Pic 4)

5. Repeat 3 & 4 on the other side. (Pic 5 & 6)

6. Fold top raw edges to the center crease. (Pic 7 & 8)

7. Fold top corner down along folded edges and unfold. (Pic 9 &10)

8. Turn all sides in. (Pic 11-15)

9. Flip Flaps up. (Pic 16 & 17)

Step 4: Create Sheep’s Horns

In this step, you will have the sheep’s horns prepared and get an embryonic form of sheep’s face.

1. Hold one flap. (Pic 1)

2. Use your scissors to cut it along the middle line to the end. The flap is divided into two parts. (Pic 2-4)

3. Put the two parts back to their original place, and put the other flap down. (Pic 5-9)

2. Turn one part down and fold it to the left side. Fold the other part to the right side. This two parts are the sheep’s horns. (Pic 10 & 11)

3. Fold the horns up from the middle, and then the horns are ready! (Pic 12 & 13)

Step 5: Make Sheep’s Ears

After this step, you will complete the sheep’s ears and get a whole outline of this origami

1. Turn the middle flap (two parts) up. (Pic 1-3)

2. Hold left part and fold it down to the left side. (Pic 4)

3. Repeat it to the right part. (Pic 5)

4. Turn the origami back, and you will get a sheep face outline. (Pic 6)

Step 6: Cut Sheep's Moustache & Draw Sheep’sFace on the Origami

In this step, you are going to finish some details of the sheep’s face such as beard, horns and facial features.

1. Use the scissors to cut the “chin” of the face, and you will get perfect goatee beard. (Pic 1 & 2)

2. Fold the top to the back. (Pic 3 & 4)

3. Use a pen to draw lines on the horns. (Pic 5 & 6)

4. Draw facial features of the sheep. (Pic 7)

Tip: If you still cannot follow the steps above (from step 4 to step 6), you can open the Youtube link and see how to make it.

Step 7: Samples of Other Origami Zodiac Animals

Step 8: Summary

An origami folding activity will be always popular among kids. It is a very good choice for the adults to start a course with it, especially when it is simply enough for everyone to fold. Thanks for watching and I hope everyone would enjoy this folding process.

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