How to Make Pen Pencil Holder

Introduction: How to Make Pen Pencil Holder


Cardboard, Empty Tissue Paper Rolls, Split Pea, Used Match Sticks, Jute, Glitter Sheet Stripes, Aluminum Foil, Glue, Glue Gun and Scissors.

Step 1:

Collect Empty Tissue Paper Rolls and cut it in different sizes. Make design on these rolls with Jute, Split Pea, Used Match Sticks and Glitter Sheet Stripes. Take a piece of cardboard and paste jute on its corners.

Step 2:

Take aluminum foil and paste on tissue paper rolls and cardboard with glue. Use tooth brush for fine.

Step 3:

Apply black oil paint on it and rub before dry. Finally, paste these tissue paper rolls on cardboard with glue gun.

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