How to Make Pi Pancakes

This is a fun pi day twist for a classic treat.

you will need:

  • pancake mix (bought or home made)
  • a pan or crepe maker or similar
  • a squeezy bottle or plastic bottle with cap nozzle
  • fish slice for flipping the pancakes
  • egg ring (optional)

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Step 1: Make the Pancake Mix

Find a pancake mix recipe or use the 'just add water' variety. Make as usual.

Step 2: The Pouring Container

use a squeezy bottle (cleaned) or use a pourer lid - This will be for pouring the pattern.

Step 3: Getting Ready to Cook the Pancakes

Fill the squeezy bottle with pancake mix. Grease the pan and turn on the grill or stove or however you want to cook the pancakes.

Step 4: Cooking the Pancakes

Using the squeezy bottle, draw the design that you want on your pancake in mirror image. Let this cook for a bit then pour a circle over the top of it (use an egg ring if you have one). The first batch will (probably) be slightly burnt. this is normal. Also, you might find it hard to pour a pi shape.

Step 5: Serving

You can serve the pancakes however you like. I made 8 (and a bit) pancakes with my mixture

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