How to Make Plastic Bottle Flower Pot



You can make a flower pot with waste material of kitchen. This flower pot is very easy to make. To make this flower pot you will need following material.

Empty plastic bottle, Egg Shells, PVA Glue, Glue Gun, Marker, Chrome Silver Spry paint and Scissors.

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Step 1: Basic Structure

Take a plastic bottle. I used a 2.5 liter coke bottle. You can use any brand bottle. I cut it plastic bottle in four pieces. I will use bottom, top and middle pieces of bottle. Now, cut middle piece from central. Another middle and cap of bottle is not required.

Step 2: Joint the Pieces

Take bottom piece and joint it on the top piece of bottle. Now, take middle piece roll it and paste on the top piece. I use glue gun for solid grip.

Step 3: Decoration of Flower Pot

Take egg shells and divide these shells in small pieces. Paste egg shell pieces on the flower pot with help of PVA glue. Let it dry.Color the plastic bottle flower pot.For coloring I used chrome silver spray paint but you can use your favorite color.

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