How to Make PomPom Door Knob



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Today I'm going to show you how to make a pompom doorknob with the help of cardboard, four fingers and fork.

Things you needed:-

– Yarn
– Pom-pom maker (I used cardboard design for large pompom and small pom-pom from fork utensil.)
– Scissors
– Cardboard

Step 1: Items Required

Make sure all handy stuff all together at one place.

Step 2: Pom Pom Template With Cardboard

Make a design for pompom maker with cardboard based.

  • Draw a circle on cardboard with the use of glass or any rounded shaped material.
  • Make a cut triangular shape.
  • Draw a mini circle within the cardbaord & make a circular cut.

Step 3: Pom Pom Template With Four Fingers

Just roll the thread on your four fingers, and make center joint by twisting thread inside of middle finger.

  • make a knot in center,
  • cut the both ends and puff it and shape the cut accordingly.

Step 4: Pom Pom Design With Fork Utensil

Just roll the thread on fork and make knot in center,

  • cut the both ends,
  • puff it and cut the shape accordingly in rounded shape.

Step 5: Final Step

Just roll over the ruler and Cut lengths one side yarn,

  • tie a knot at the top,
  • knot to help you make the braid.

arrange all three pom-poms are in place, make a top loop by folding over a the length of the braid and tying a knot nestled into the largest pom-pom. Tuck the remaining length of thread into the pom-pom and cut any excess.

Make a bunch in different colors to brighten every door in your home.
Happy Holidays.



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