How to Make Pop Up Greeting Card




Introduction: How to Make Pop Up Greeting Card

In this instructable we will make a pop up Greeting Card which can be used for any occasion

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Step 1: Cut Square Paper Pieces

  • You can use any size of paper. If you are using A4 size paper, you can fold and cut four square pieces from one paper.
  • We need 7 square pieces for making the pop up card

Step 2: Fold Paper

  • Take one square piece of paper, fold and make creases as shown then fold it to a square
  • Fold again to make a triangle and mark a semi circle on top as shown

Step 3: Cut Marked Portion

  • Using a pair of scissors, cut and remove the marked portion
  • If you open up the cut piece, you will have a flower shape
  • Make flower shapes from all 7 pieces of paper

Step 4: Cut One Segment and Glue

  • The cut flower shape has 8 segments
  • Cut and remove one segment
  • Apply glue on top of one segment adjacent to the cut portion
  • Place the segment on other side over the glued portion and press
  • You will have a shape like this as seen in the last picture

Step 5: Glue Them Together Part 1

  • Take three pieces, fold them in half and place them side by side
  • Apply glue on the center piece on top of left and right segments
  • Apply one flower shape on left and another on right over the glue as shown

Step 6: Glue Them Together Part 2

  • Now apply glue on top 3 segments as shown and stick one piece on top
  • Apply glue on left segments, second and tghird from cut portion, and stick a flower shape there
  • Repeat the same on right side also

Step 7: Place the Final Flower Shape

  • Now apply glue on top three segments and place the last piece and press
  • Our glued flower shape required for the pop ups is completed

Step 8: Glue Inside Card

  • Take one thick card stock of A4 size and fold it in half
  • Place the flower shape at the center. First apply glue on center piece and stick with opposite side
  • Repeat the same on other side and fold the card
  • Press the card with hand for the glue to dry

Now open the card and the flowers will open up. You can use this greeting card for any occasion

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    2 years ago

    I am having issue in last step of pasting flowers in card to make them pop up. Please elaborate this step for ease.


    2 years ago

    really nice, I will try this for a kids project