How to Make Popcorn on Pan Real Fast

Introduction: How to Make Popcorn on Pan Real Fast

today I wanted to film something, and popcorn poped to my mind, I make popcorn this way from time to time, and have perfected my technique, so I'm shareing it with you

tools needed:

deep pan with lid (I like glas lid, can see hows it cooking), metal bowl ( hot unpoped corns can melt prastic)


popcorn, oil (I used sunflower, but most of them should work fine), paper towels (for easy pan clean up)


set the fire on largest, put the pan on, pur some oil to cover bottom and popcorn to cover the bottom, wait til one corn pops, cover the lid, and rock the pan back and forward, this helps not to burn poped popcorn, when the pan is full, and the poping slows down, take the pan above the metal bowl, lift the lid (try not to tilt it, or the condensation will drip on popcorn) put it aside, pur the popcorn in the bowl, you wanna be fast, popcorns sometimes pop when pouring, and thats just a mess.

The fun part:
eat your popcorn
watch a movie or something
have fun :)

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