How to Make Power Tech Robots (Jumping Rat)

Introduction: How to Make Power Tech Robots (Jumping Rat)

This is how you make Power Tech Jumping Rat. You need these materials

1 motor

4 big nuts and two big bolts

6 plastic nuts

14 screws

7 nuts

1 green sleeve

1 Plastic cover

1 particle board plank

2 L brackets

1 battery placement

2 clawing hand planks

2 circular wooden planks

3 double A batteries

Step 1: First Assemble the Bottom

First get four screws, four nuts, and L brackets. Add these to a small wood piece that is around 7 inches by 2. Have two holes on the bottom about an inch away from the edge. Have 2 sets of three holes between 1-2 inches from the edge. Have another set of three holes between half and one and a half inches. Get the L brackets and screw in the side sets of three holes have them on the end.

Step 2: Add the Motor

Add the motor to the two bottom holes. Get two screws and have two plastic nuts. Screw the motor in.

Step 3: Add Connecter Bar to the Motor

Get two circular wood planks, four screws, one nut, two plastic nuts and a green sleeve. The wood planks should have three holes in each plank. Screw the planks

Step 4: Add the Battery Placement

To screw in the battery placement you need two screws and two plastic nuts. The battery placement should be able to fit 3 double-A batteries and have a red and black wire coming from it.

Step 5: Add a Plastic Cover

To add the plastic cover your need two plastic nuts. You will add the plastic cover in a circual form. It will go under the motor. Since the has the two screw under it we can screw in under.

Step 6: Add the Arms

Add the arms with two nuts, two bolts, and two clawing arms. Screw them into the L brackets, now the jumping rat will be able to stand up.

Step 7: Finishing It Up

Have two huge nuts and two huge bolts and add them to the connected bar. To turn the jumping rat on, you have to use the little switch on the battery placement. You flip the switch around 130 degrees.

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