How to Make Professional Recording Microphone From Broken Headphone at Home

Introduction: How to Make Professional Recording Microphone From Broken Headphone at Home

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Nowadays, everone who's in touch with the modern world

uses a minimum of 2-4 different gadgets and as always there's a bunch of broken gadgets in our homes that we normally throw it away without using or repair it or even try to make something with it.

today we will show you how to make your own professional microphone from broken headphones in just few steps using available tools at home.

Step 1: Materials

well to make perfect mic at home you need :

1- cardboard tube 2- unuseless fluorescent lamp

3- glue

4- sharp knife

5- scissors

6- sponge

7- adhesive tape

8- broken headphone ( earphone ) : make sure that the mic work's before you start building your microphone

Step 2: Preparation of Tools :

- headphone :
-cut of the speakers (earbud) and wires after the mic by using the scissors and keep the rest

- fluorescent lamp (you gonna need tow ):
-remove the (glass tube or spiral lamp ) and the electrionic ballast by using sharp knife
-keep the (screwbase - housing)
-be careful when you cut it into two parts
-then you need to make a hole in the center of the screwbase
-cut one of the previous screwbase and keep just the lamp cap

- cardboard tube :

- cut it into three parts ( be sure you cut it with different sizes: 2 short and 1 tall )

-put the lamp cap inside the short tube and tap them together with black tape

Step 3: Assembling

at this stage you need to put all of the materials on

your table to assemble them easily.

-now take the cable that we modified it and feed it through the screw base and the cardboard tube then feed it through the last part wich is the lamp cap

-tap them together with the black tape

-bring the sponge and make small hole in the center

- put the mic head in the sponge hole then put some glue around the cable to make sure it's not moving.

Step 4: Testing the Microphone

plug the jack into its place ( audio slot ) in your phone or laptop, after that go to sound recorder app and start recording your voice by saying something like ' test, test, this is a test ' now play it, and enjoy your new cheap microphon

Step 5: Done

congrats on finishing and thanks for reading my first article, hopefully you enjoyed it and your microphone works great.

happy recording for all

do not forgot to watch our video on youtube : video link

share us what you make with the world in comment below

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    3 years ago

    That mic turned out looking great!