How to Make Punched Metal Jewelry With Aisha Formanski - Step by Step Jewelry Making Tutorial

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In this class instructor Aisha Formanski teaches you her technique for creating all over repetitive patterns using simple design stamps and graph paper. Create a simple pair of earrings using blanks, or take this technique to the next level and fabricate your next piece from punched sheet metal. The options are endless! Aisha’s book New Directions in Punched Metal Jewelry has 8 punched patterns, and 20 beginning jewelry projects. This class has a running time of 24 minutes.


Stamping on Metal


Chain Nose Plier

Hole Punch Plier

1 lb Brass Head Mallet

Bench block


Plastic Mallet

Variety of Design Stamps. Aisha uses the Cross Star and Period stamps in this class.


Graph paper. Aisha uses a graph paper that is 10x10 cubes per 1 inch.

Glue stick or rubber cement


Steel Wool #4/0 (0000)

Plastic templates

Industrial Sharpie Marker



Sheet metal



5.5" Square Leather Sandbag. This is used to deaden the sounds of the stamping.

New Directions in Punched Metal Jewelry by Aisha Formanski

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