How to Make REAL EASY Dog Costumes for Halloween

Introduction: How to Make REAL EASY Dog Costumes for Halloween

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If you can sew a straight line, then you can make one of these costumes.  Also, once you have read this page and see how easy it is, go ahead and make one, take a photo, and send it to us. We love getting photos to post on our site!

In general, to make a dog costume their are 3 areas you can "decorate" your dog for Halloween. One, is the back piece or the coat piece.  This is the largest piece and the part of the costume that people will see the most. Second is the legs.  Using simple elastic around the dogs legs with adding fabric gives an adorable effect to the dog costume.  Third would be the head.  You could make an adorable hat for your dog to finish up the costume.  Most dogs will try hard to take off the hat, but not so much the coat or the feet decorations. Make sure your dog is happy before you begin his "fitting" for his costume.  You may click here to learn how to measure your dog.

Let's make something as simple as an " m & m " doggie costume. You will need any color felt that is the same color as an "m & m".  I picked red.  You will also need white felt for the "m."

Step 1:

First measure your dog from the neck to the top of the tail bone.  This is how long your pattern should be.  Next measure how wide you want the costume to be around your dogs back.  This is how wide the costume will be.  Make your self a round or oval pattern using these measurements. (cut a round piece if you want your dog to be a regular m & m, and oval if you want your dog to be a peanut m & m.)

Cut out 2 of this pattern piece out of the color felt you picked.

Step 2:

On your computer make a small letter "m" using Times New Roman font. Enlarge is to about 6-9" big.  Print.  This is your pattern for your "m."  Pin and cut one "m" on white felt.

 m (this is the "m" in Times New Roman Font)  It is the closest to the real m&m's candy that I could find.)

Step 3:

Pin the white "m" on ONE of the candy pieces and sew around the "m" using a zigzag stitch.

Step 4:

Pin the two pieces of red felt PRETTY SIDES together all around the outer edge of the circle.  Leave and opening for stuffing.  Sew all around the edge of the piece of candy, don't forget to leave an opening.

Turn piece of candy pretty side out.  Stuff the candy very loosely. You don't want a fat ball m & m candy, you want a flat stuffed piece of candy.

Step 5:

Any type of coat, costume, or cover for a dog must have a ribbon around it that ties at the belly.  This is what holds the costume on. 
At the bottom of the piece of candy stitch a piece of ribbon that can be tied around your dogs belly. Make sure it is long enough to be tied all the way around the belly.

 Add a piece of ribbon on the bottom near the neck line, so that it can be tied around your dogs neck.  These 2 pieces of ribbon will hold on the costume.  Do not tie them too tight, you want your dog to be comfortable. 

Step 6:

If you want to, you can make little hands of white felt and add elastic to them to go around the front of your dogs feet as shown in the photo. I cut out 4, sewed 2 together and then added the elastic to make it more of a 3D effect.

  Your dog costume is done.

You could do the same type of costume in orange felt, and add black eyes, nose, and mouth to make it a pumpkin costume.

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