How to Make RGB LED Fan for Computer

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In this tutorial I'm going to show you " How To Make RGB LED Fan for Computer "

This method is very simple and for everyone, even you are a Beginner or school going student who wants to innovate something new or for your educational project. This will be the ideal project for you.

Requirement in This RGB Led Computer Cooling Fan Projects :

Computer Cooling Fan ,Connecting Wire ,Glue Gun with Glue ,USB Cable ,Color Changing Led Light ,220 Ohm Resistance LED Compatible

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Step 1: First You Need to Multi Color Led

Step 2: Then Soldering the Led 220 Ohm Resistance LED Compatible

Step 3: Using Parallel Connection Positive or Negative Terminal Connect the Led With Wire

Step 4: Using Glue Gun to Connect Together

lets a CPU cooling fan,and using glue gun to connect together the led light and CPU fan terminal..

Step 5: Finally Made a RGB LED Fan for Computer

Finally made a RGB LED Fan for Computer if you have any doubt please see the video where i will show How To Make RGB LED Fan for Computer step by step..

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