How to Make Realtime Clock Using Arduino and TFT Display|Arduino Mega RTC With 3.5 Inch TFT Display




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Introduction:- In this post I am going to make “Real time Clock “ using 3.5 inch TFT touch LCD, Arduino Mega 2560 and DS3231 RTC module….Before starting…check the video from my YouTube channel..

Note:- If you are using Arduino You have to modify sketch. Because this sketch uses >100% of arduino UNO's memory...


Step 1: Step-1 Watch the Video

Before start reading this post check out the video of this project on my YouTube channel. It gives you 75% information (Idea) about the project…

Step 2: Step-2:-Tools and Materials

For my project I am using 3.5 inch touch screen with ILI9481 Driver, Arduino Mega 2560 and a DS3231 RTC module. But you can use smaller or bigger screen and Arduino UNO instead of Mega. You can buy the materials from link below, if you bought any materials from below link I will get small commission..,,, Don’t worry you don’t have to pay more…….Here is the list of the materials..

Amazon US..

1) Arduino Mega or Arduino UNO

2) 3.5” touch Screen or any other

3) DS3231 RTC module

4) Breadboard

5) 12V adapter

Amazon India

1) Arduino Mega or Arduino UNO

2) 3.5 inch touch scree

3) DS3231 RTC module

4) Breadboard

5) 12V adapter


1) Arduino Mega or Arduino UNO
2) TFT touch screen

3) DS3231 RTC module

4) Breadboard

5) 12V adapter

Step 3: Step-3:-Connection

Well my LCD is specially made for Arduino mega 2560/DUE so, it can slide directly into the arduino mega. So we don’t have to connect the each individually. But in case you’re using other LCD or Arduino UNO you can change the pin initialize in the arduino IDE software for mega it’s The “Real Time Clock” module is connected with the Arduino Mega through the I2C interface, so Connect SCL of the RTC module to the SCL of mega And SDA to SDA and connect Vcc of RTC to 5V pin of Arduino mega and GND to GND of arduino..I am using breadboard to make connection between the arduino and RTC…

Note:- If you are using Arduino uno then you have to modify the sketch. Because this sketch uses >100% of the Arduino UNO's memory ...

Step 4: Step-4:- Upload the Sketch to Arduino

Before uploading the sketch to your arduino board, Download and include the UTFT and UTouch Library to your computer…Download and extract the zip file of the library and include it to your arduino library folder…make sure to restart the software (Arduino IDE) in case it is open during this process. Download the zip file and extract it you will find Arduino sketch including UTFT and UTouch library or you can download the library from link below (GitHub)…

UTFT Library

UTouch Library

Extract the Arduino sketch zip file and open it, select your bord type (like Arduino mega, UNO, Nano). Select the COM port and clicl on upload….after uploading the sketch the time and date will displayed on your screen including message (whatever you want to show on screen).. To set the date and time Click on SET button and the digit becomes red click up/down to set the time fot date it shows small dash(“-‘” this sign) below the date and you can change the date by clicking UP/DOWN on screen… Note:-If you are using cheap LCD module like mine, Then don’t expect good touch sensitivity from it..

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    3 Discussions


    Question 5 months ago

    I guess it does not work with the 2.4 inch tft lcd Ili9341?
    Sorry for the stupid question.

    2 answers
    Indian DIYersLacybad

    Answer 5 months ago

    I think it will work. Just change the driver name to ILI9341....

    LacybadIndian DIYers

    Reply 5 months ago

    Compiled sucessfully. All i have to do is wait for the 3.2 LCD to arrive :)