How to Make Recycled Pop Can Trays!

Introduction: How to Make Recycled Pop Can Trays!

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In this tutorial I will show you how to turn regular pop cans into usable trays!

Warning: Be very careful when handling the pop cans. You will be dealing with sharp edges so using gloves is highly recommended. Also dispose of the cans very carefully so as to not hurt anyone else.

All you will need for this craft project is as follows:
1 Pop Can
Exacto Knife,

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I like this idea, I have a suggestion to make the ends of the tabs easier to deal with.

    If you make them longer, using as much of the can as possible, and fold each one over two instead of one (don't pinch the first one too tightly); then after they are all woven together and the start is pinched, you can use small needle nose pliers to fold and tuck the ends underneath back one tab. With the end tucked under it serves the same purpose as your double fold, but resumes the colour pattern from the can on the underside. It's also slightly less risky on the fingers using the pliers. I used pliers from my jewlery kit. The pliers can also help make the folds even snugger by re-pinching the folds.

    Also, if you go as OCD as I did on this it keeps the weave going all the way around the entire can making it a little more even around the edge.