How to Make Red Glass Beads and Heart Bead Multi Strands Chain Necklace




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Hi, girls. Do you like red glass beads? Then you can see this Pandahall tutorial on how to make red glass beads and heart bead multi strands chain necklace.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Are Needed for This Red Glass Beads and Heart Bead Multi Strands Chain Necklace:

8x6mm Red Faceted Glass Beads

10x10x7mm Mixed Color Heart Beads

4x3mm Golden Twisted Chains

2x1.5x1mm Golden Twisted Chains

Golden Jump Rings

Golden Spring Clasps

Golden Eyepins

Round Nose Pliers

Chain Nose Pliers

Step 2: Prepare the Basic Part of the Glass Beads Chain Necklace

1st, cut off a piece of 4x3mm golden cross chain and attach a red 10x10x7mm red heart bead onto the center of the chain by a golden jump ring;

2nd, add a golden spring clasp onto one end of the chain;

3rd, make two dangles with red 6x8mm glass beads and two golden eyepins;

4th, connect the two dangles with a short piece of 2x1.5mm golden twist chain, then connect the chain with the 4x3mm twist chain together (as shown in the picture).

Step 3: Make More Glass Beads Chains

1st, make four red glass beads dangles and connect each two dangles together;

2nd, connect four dangles with a piece of 2x1.5mm golden twist chain, then attach the chains onto the main twist chain;

3rd, continue to make six and eight red glass beads chains and connect them together (as shown in the picture).

Step 4: Finish the Red Glass Beads Chain Necklace

1st, make more red glass beads dangles and connect them with different sized lengths, then attach them onto the main twist chain (as shown in the picture);

2nd, connect the two ends of the chain to finish the red glass beads chain necklace.

Step 5: Now, You Can See the Final Look of the Red Glass Beads Multi Strands Chain Necklace:

See, do you think can you finish this gorgeous necklace making? If yes, why do not you have a nice try! This glass beads chain necklace is a better choice to attend the formal meetings and occasions. Just make a plan and own it soon.

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    2 years ago

    WOW!! This is what I call a statement piece! With the right neckline, it's elegant, classy bling in any color! Add delicate heart drop earrings and a matching stranded bracelet for added polish...pure flash on a budget!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks so much for your admiration! And you can get all the supplies as the post said from, then make your own one~