How to Make Ribbon Shaped Earrings With Coffee Pods




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Hello everybody,

Not that long ago, Nespresso put these limited edition coffee pods on the market (Tanim de Chiapas) with this beautiful dark pink color. We thought of a model that would really bring out this special color. We hope you like the instructable!!

Step 1: Watch Our Video

To facilitate you on how to make these earrings, we made a little tutorial. The materials you need are:
Nespresso coffee pods (Ristretto and limited edition Tanim de Chiapas), silver colored earring hooks, silver colored cord ends (about 7 mm), two pieces of LEGO and a Paper crimper

Step 2: Cut the Top and the Bottom Off Your Coffee Pod

Cut off the border and the top of the coffee pod. What you need for the next steps are the center pieces that are left.

Step 3: Fold the Pieces

To get the nice two color effect, use two different pieces of LEGO. Now fold the center of the coffee pod around these pieces. Cut off the sharp edges and flatten completely.

Step 4: Emboss Your Coffee Pod Piece

Use a paper crimper to get the wavy effect on both coffee pod pieces.

Step 5: Finish Your Earrings

Use a cord cap to attach both pieces together. Add your earring hook and you have a beautiful ribbon shaped earring. Thanks for looking, we hope you liked it.



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    2 years ago

    She strikes again with her Nespresso coffee pods. :) Nice job, as always.

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