How to Make Rosary Chain



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Learn how to make rosary chain for linked jewelry in this simple DIY technique video using 20 gauge wire and basic jewelry making tools. We've included a nifty downloadable graphic with all of the steps. Enjoy!

Step 1: Rosary Chain Steps

You will need:

20 gauge shaping wire


Chain nose pliers

Round nose pliers

Wire cutters

Jump ring


Cut 1" segment of wire. Make sure you cut to the flush so the wire end is flat.

Bend 1/4" wire tail flush to the top of the bead at a 90 degree angle.

Grasp end of wire in round nose pliers and turn into a loop.

Repeat for the opposite side, if the wire tail is longer than 1/4", trim before looping.

Connect looped beads with chain nose pliers by gently opening the loops, sliding on the bead and securing them closed.

Repeat the process until you reach your desired length!

Step 2: Make Rosary Chain Into Bracelet

Create a beaded dangle using a smaller loop on one side and larger loop on the other.

Attach dangles to opposite end with jump ring, opening and closing with two pairs of chain nose pliers with tension.

Attach a hook to the opposite end of your chain.



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