How to Make Rose Oil




Rose oil is one of the very expensive essentials oils extracted from Rose petals. Rosa damascena, otherwise known as the Damask Rose, is one of the major species used in production of Rose Oil. We have this variety growing in our home garden.

Here I will show you how to extract Rose oil from petals of Damask rose.

Step 1: Collect the Rose Petals

I have plucked the roses and collected petals from whatever available in the garden. you can see the Rose petals in the picture here. It is not much but we can extract few drops of rose oil from them.

Step 2: Equipment Required

  • A wide mouthed vessel. This will be used to boil the rose petals with water
  • A piece of stone. I have washed the stone and covered it with a clean cloth. This stone will be placed inside the wide mouthed vessel.
  • A small plate. This plate will be placed on top of the stone and will collect the rose oil along with some water
  • A round bottomed clean frying pan. This pan will be placed on top of the wide mouthed vessel above the small plate. The water vapor along with rose oil will get condensed at the bottom of the pan and the droplets will fall into the small plate below it.

Step 3: Arrange the Equipment

  • Place the stone covered with a cloth inside the wide mouthed vessel
  • Place the rose petals around the stone inside the vessel
  • Pour about a cup of clean water inside the vessel. Do not pour too much water. It should just cover the rose petals.
  • Place the small plate on the piece of stone inside the vessel

Step 4: Boil the Water in the Vessel

  • Place the vessel with rose petals on a stove and boil the water.
  • When the water starts to boil, place the round bottomed frying pan on the vessel
  • Pour cold water on the frying pan to about two third of its capacity.
  • You need to change the water frequently if it gets hot.

Step 5: Collect Rose Oil

The water vapors along with rose oil will get cooled once they are in contact with the bottom of the frying pan and form water droplets. This droplets will fall back into the vessel and will be collected in the pan. Do not over-boil, otherwise you will have lot of water in the plate.

Stop heating the vessel and remove the plate from inside. You can see the yellowish stuff at the bottom of the plate mixed with water.

Allow the liquid to cool. Tilt the plate to one side. Now you can see clearly the few drops of rose oil in the plate.

Using a clean syringe separate the excess water and collect the clean rose oil.

Do not throw away the water separated from oil.. You can use it to rinse your face as it contains little amount of rose essence.



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    2 years ago

    nice follower collection


    2 years ago

    !!Beautiful Flowers Form My Garden!!


    2 years ago

    Hey, would this work if the round top pan part was cast iron instead of a shiny metal?


    2 years ago

    Fantastic! Clear, straightforward and easy to do with stuff I have in the kitchen, not a full-blown science lab. Thank you so much!


    2 years ago

    wow! always wanted to know just how to extract rose oil from petals, I know it takes about 100 pounds of rose petals to produce 1 ounce of rose oil! this is a real good, clear, and informative instructable! loved it!