How to Make Rose Water With a Rice Steamer

Introduction: How to Make Rose Water With a Rice Steamer

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Learn to make rose water (or other floral water) with a rice steamer and a plastic hose from Home Depot.

You will need:

Rice cooker


Purified water (don't use tap water!)

2 Glass jars (1 for soaking, 1 for collection)

Final container

Liquid measuring cup

Plastic Tubing

Straw (if needed)


1. Soak the roses in the water overnight.

2. Attach tube to the steam hole on the lid of the rice cooker. *Tip-if your tubing is too big for the hole you may need to use a straw.(The straw will NOT melt) If you end up using a straw, it is a good idea to use painters tape to give it extra support.

3. Shake the roses and water before pouring it into the rice cooker.

4. Put the lid back on and turn on the rice cooker.

5. While the mixture warms up, place your collection jar lower than the rice cooker *Tip-it helps to place your collection jar in a container of ice water. It's also helpful to cover the opening of the collection container to keep hot water from evaporating out during the process.

6. Place the end of the tube in the top of the collection jar. *Tip- you may want to tape down your tube in place so it doesn't flop around. It gets very hot and you don't want to be holding it when the condensation forms in it later.

7. After the water boils you will notice condensation on the lid and soon it will fill the tube and gravity will do the work dripping into your collection jar. This process will take over an hour so be patient! *Tip- if the lid is sliding back and forth from condensation, you might want to add a small towel or cloth to keep the lid in place and to soak up the condensation around the lid lip.

8. After all the water has evaporated from the rice cooker, use a liquid measuring cup to transfer the rose water to its final container. *Tip-to make your rose water even stronger you can add rose essential oil to the final product.

9. Don't forget to label the finished project!




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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks great!
    For those of us who can't save video, do you mind printing the instructions in written form also?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for watching! I will get working on the typed up version for you. :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    You are so kind. :)
    One of my favorite childhood memories was when Mother made rose water syrup rice flour balls with saffron as a once-in-a-lifetime special treat.