How to Make SIM Card Earrings

ok so i got the idea from tv but um u can make several diffrent types like you can paint ur old sim cards in your design that u like u can use nail polish remover to undo the paint and redo it!! its so cool!!

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Step 1: Piercing Holes

Pierce a hole through the top center of the SIM card. Use a thumb tack, a pin, or a small nail.

Step 2: Widen the Hole If Nessesary

Widen the hole if necessary. Make sure the hole is wide enough to get the jump ring through by wiggling the pin around in it. You might also widen it with the tip of a pen or other tapered point.

Step 3: Open the Jump Ring Using Pliers

Open the jump ring using pliers. It's best to twist the jump ring sideways as this will not only open it more easily, but also make it close more securely.

Step 4: Slip the SIM Card on to the Jump Ring.

Step 5: Slip an Earing Hook on to the Jump Ring and Close Tightly.

The earrings are now ready for wearing or giving as a gift.

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