How to Make Santa and Rudolph, With an LED Lit Nose, Using a Solar Light

Step one:

Use Solar Cell diagram and solder required parts onto the solar cell. (Photo 2)
Solder two wires to the solar cell in the connections for the motor. One for positive, one for negative. These will be used for the LED light. Then solder the wires to the LED light. Make sure negative goes to negative and positive to positive.

Step two:

Make origami reindeer using youtube video.

Step three:

Make origami Santa and sleigh using the youtube video.

Step four:

Glue sleigh to the bottom of the solar cell with the wires running towards the front. (Photos 3 and 4)

Step five:

Run wires under the reindeer's snout and super glue them in place, leaving just the top of the LED poking out. (Photo 5)

Step six:

Make sure everything is securely glued and soldered. Then hold the sleigh above a light and watch Rudolph's nose light up. 



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