How to Make Schezwan Sauce or Schezwan Chutney at Home

Introduction: How to Make Schezwan Sauce or Schezwan Chutney at Home

Hi everyone here we learn to make Schezwan Sauce or Schezwan Chutney at Home

Step 1: Ingredients

(1) 150 ml vegetable oil

(2) 150 gms red chilly paste

(3) 100 gms garlic chopped

(4) 50 gms ginger chopped

(5) 3 tablespoon celery chopped

(6) 3 tablespoon white vinegar

(7) Salt to taste (always remember in every food making)

(8) Water as per the consistency.

Step 2: Make Chilli Paste

Soak 15-20 dried red chillies for 30 minutes in half cup of warm water

(chillies to be without the stalk and seedless,if possible).

Grind to a smooth paste in a grinder. Keeps well for 3 days refrigerated.

Pour a tbsp refined oil so that the top doesn't dry.

(Here I used local fresh market red chillies in India.)

Step 3: Receipe

(1) In a pan heat the oil on high flame. Once the oil is smoking add garlic and stir it till it turn lightly golden.

(2) Add ginger and stir fry on high flame.

(3) Add celery sticks.

(4) Add chilli paste and let it cook properly then add water and let it cook.

(5) Add vinegar, salt to taste

(6) Cover the sauce with a lid and let it cook for 15 minutes on a low flame

Schezwan Sauce or Schezwan Chutney is ready! Enjoy with yours family and friends with all time.

(TIP : If you want dark red in color add some organic food color as your wish. here I don't use of it. because Indian red chillies are looks very red in color.)

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    1 year ago on Step 3

    No schezwan peppers? Bought a bag of those tongue numbing guys awhile ago on Amazon.