How to Make Scrambled Egg Without BREAKING the EGG!




Introduction: How to Make Scrambled Egg Without BREAKING the EGG!

-some people likes yolk in egg and some prefer white. Let's prepare a delicious scrambled golden egg for Easter which anyone can eat.

-Here main aim is mixing yolk and white so that we dont see any more seperated egg white and yolk in boiled egg.

-scrambled egg can be cut in to very thin slices and you can even grate it as it is even all over when compared to normal egg .

Items required:

-A string

-you can use a tennis ball/ card board box/ playing caps or anything which fixes your egg in it.

-A torch( you can use your mobile)



-cloth to wrap the egg(optional)

Step 1: Fixing:

1) I have taken 2 caps and made 2 holes on each cap.

2) I joined 2 caps by passing a string through them.

3) Then wrapped egg in cloth and placed in the center ridge .

4) To fix egg in the center I closed 2 caps to form ball shape with tape.

Step 2: Twisting:

-After fixing egg. Next step is to spin your egg.

-Hold both the string ends, rotate and then pull the string edges.

-you will hear a sound which confirms the yolk disintegration.

Step 3: Testing:

-You can confirm whether yolk is broken in 2 ways.

1) shake your egg and if you hear a mixing sound then egg got scrambled or else not

2) Take a torch and place your egg on it. unscrambled egg appears bright yellow color and scrambled egg appears dull as shown in my images.

Step 4: Boiling Egg:

-Boil egg in a vessel filled with water. you can add a pinch of salt to prevent cracking.

-place in cold water.peel and enjoy your delicious golden egg.

other tips for egg boiling:

-when you add a pinch of salt and boil egg you can prevent cracking and peel egg without any scrapes.

-Always transfer egg in to cold water and peel

-Egg freshness can be tested by adding a pinch of salt in water.If egg floats it is not fresh and if it sinks it is fresh.



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    24 Discussions

    Really cool instructable, that egg kinda looks like a pancake (you could fool your friends) really neat.

    "Let's prepare a delicious egg which anyone can eat!" Except for those with egg allergies. (Myself not included) Very neat project, I liked your use of egg candling.

    1 reply

    Do we have to use a sock? :-)

    Just kidding :-) Neat instructable. I'll have to try that sometime.

    1 reply

    I'm still wondering why there are purposes for using boiled scambled eggs...

    Another note for those who want hard boiled eggs that peel easily. Buy your eggs and keep them in the frig for about a week before boiling them. The shells will be much less apt to stick. Farm fresh eggs, for me anyway, the shells always stick, no matter what trick I've been told to try. A week in the frig, always works for me.

    3 replies

    You can also take the eggs out of the fridge the night before.

    To validate your suggestion that week old eggs make better hard boiled eggs: I worked at a 'fancy' restaurant that made a 100 deviled egg a night and the kitchen would store eggs for a week or longer routinely for just that purpose.

    A tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate baking soda dissolved in the water before boiling, after boiling,drop into a bowl of ice water with lots of ice to maintain the cold.

    Let set for 10 minutes then crack the egg well and begin peeling.

    Most of the time the membrane stays intact and the shell slides off without much trouble.

    I cook my eggs in a pressure cooker, fresh or old they peel perfectly every time.

    I twisted myself silly and never accomplished said results. Used an old stocking supplied by wife and suggested in article I read. Couldn't make it work. Will attempt your method as I'm dying to surprise my wife with Yellow Egg!


    1 reply

    ya with old stocking it wouldnt work perfect .Try with this method and surprise your wil surely suceed:)

    But WHY would anyone Actually Want to do this FOR? There are much faster and easier ways to scramble an egg. ?

    5 replies

    Because they can?

    To amuse and amaze their friends, and their children?

    Suppose you wanted to bring a scrambled egg for lunch to work?

    I don't like the texture of regular hard boiled eggs. With golden eggs I get all the convenience and none of the gagging.

    Just because it is REALLY AWESOME heheheh. Nice trick

    Hello HavnfunHere. In this technique iam not breaking egg to scramble or
    using any pan to cook and is oil free. spinning instrument is very
    easy to prepare and once you prepare you can use as many times you want
    and it takes almost same time as you do by breaking egg in pan.

    this is easter time its time to get glory to eggs .I used this method to
    form a golden egg naturally without any dyes.

    Interesting, but could you not have used a sock and swing that around?