How to Make Scratch Off Card




Introduction: How to Make Scratch Off Card

Tutorial how to make scratch off card.

Great for valentine, promotion, guess game

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Step 1: Step 1: Material

For the materials, you will need:

Dish washing liquid

Metallic acrylic paint

Your scratch off design

Self-adhesive vinyl

A paint brush

Something to mix

Step 2: Step 2: Prepare the Scratch Off Paint

Use 1 part of dish washing liquid and 2 parts of metallic paint

Mix them well

Step 3: Step 3: Add Scratch Off

Add the self-adhesive on your scratch off design.

I found the self-adhesive in Dollar store

Paint over scratch off area. You might need to pass a few coats

Wait for few hours to dry

Step 4: Step 4: Scratch Off Time

After the paint is dry..Time to do the scratch out test!

It works! Hehe

Thank you for following my tutorial :)
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6 Discussions


3 years ago

Do I have to use acrylic paint?


3 years ago

If you used a small sponge instead of a brush, and a piece of card stock with a rectangle cut out as a template, you could easily and neatly paint a number of these rather quickly. This would make it easier to use this idea for situations where you might want to make up a modest quantity of the scratch-offs.


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion.


Reply 3 years ago

Thank u so much!