How to Make Scrolling Display Using Arduino and Bluetooth

Introduction: How to Make Scrolling Display Using Arduino and Bluetooth

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In this post I am going to discuss about "How can you make a scrolling display using the arduino and control it through smartphone" . By using the Bluetooth you can send maximum 63 characters and through the program it can display up to 500 characters (In my case). The message from Bluetooth is temporary and it will automatically clear if the micro-controller is turned off. Before starting please watch the Video it gives you the whole Idea about the project,,,,and if you like the video then don't forget to leave the like and comment and share the video......So.let's get started....

Step 1: Step 1: Materials and Tools

1) Bread Board

2) 2pcs Of DMD (dot-matrix-display) mine is P10

3) Arduino UNO or NANO

4) HC-05 Bluetooth module

5) Jumper Wires

6) Wire stripper

7) Screwdriver

8) 5 Volt DC adapter (Higher the Amp better the brightness "max-5 amp")

Step 2: Step 2: Circuit

Connect the DMD pins as shown in the circuit diagram and connect the output of the first module to the input of the second module and also connect the Vcc and GND of the both panel using wires.

Connection of led panel with arduino UNO

OE >>> D9

A >>> D6

B >>> D7

C >>> No connection

CLK >>> D13

SCLK >>> D8

R >>> D11

GND >>> GND of arduino( any one)

Bluetooth Connection

Connect the TX of the Bluetooth module to the RX (D0) pin of the arduino and RX of bt. module to TX (D1) of arduino UNO...

You can also change the Password and Name of the bluetooth module using AT command to ahange the password and name connect TX of Bt. module to TX of UNO and RX to RX and Open Arduino IDE and open Serian monitor Type AT command. You can find all AT command of HC-05 Module on internet " search for 'AT command of HC-05' on google"

NOTE***---You Cant upload the program while bluetooth is connected to the arduino.

Step 3: Step 3: Upload the Program

Before uploading sketch to arduino disconnect the bluetooth module from arduino to avoid compiling error.

Download the zip file which contents TimerOne and DMD library and the arduino Sketch, and extract the zip file. copy the libraries to the library folder of arduino and open the arduino sketch. You can change the max characters length and message on the program as your requirement. ...

Chose the board type and serial port and click upload...after uploading the sketch connect the bluetooth module and you are ready to send message using smartphone....

Arduino sketch Credit: to

Step 4: Step 4 :Installing App and Connecting Power Supply

Now connect the 5 volt DC power supply to LED panel and power it on if it is working perfectly...Then install the bluetooth control app from google play store. Open play store and search for "Arduino Bluetooth Control" and install the app and open and connect with bluetooth module...and you are ready to send mesasage....

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6 Discussions


2 months ago

I made it, and it works well.
The next question, how to set the speed?
What line should be changed?
Thank you


Question 1 year ago

is it possible to control 8x8 dot matrix using HD-W60 led control board if yes please help me with the project


Question 1 year ago

after I tried the project, why only 64 characters appeared in running text

Question 1 year ago

this code is not working to me ,i did all steps as like u said... any suggestions


Question 1 year ago on Step 4

can i connect node mcu development board and send the data over wifi to the display??

Indian DIYers
Indian DIYers

Reply 1 year ago

Yes you can. But you have to change program, This program will not work with node mcu...Thanks