How to Make Sea Fan Art With a Palm Stalk




If you happen to live somewhere where palm trees grow readily, you can easily create your own sea fan art.

I generally throw away the palm stalks that fall from our palm trees, but one particular one reminded me of a sea fan for some reason and I thought maybe I could make something out of it. I've been seeing a lot of sea fan art lately, mostly framed and I really like it.

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Step 1: Make You Palm Stalk Look Like a Sea Fan

At first sight your palm stalk will be too big and bulky. You'll want to trim it until it looks more 2-dimensional and more like a sea fan.

Step 2:

Materials you will need:

Palm stalk

White paint & Brown paint

Sponge Paint brush

Piece of wood

*If you don't have access to a palm tree you could probably make this from a dried tree branch. Just look for one that has a lot of small branches.

Step 3:

White wash it to make it look more natural and rustic, like it had just washed up on the shore. Mix equal parts water to paint and brush it on with a small foam brush, wiping most of it away as as you go. Some areas required two coats but for the most part one is enough.

Step 4:

Paint the base, and to make it look rustic use a scrap piece of wood as-is (no sanding). Don't dilute the paint in this step.  Just apply the brown paint with a foam brush and wipe it away as you go.

Step 5:

Let it dry for a few hours and just nail the fan base to the wood with a small finishing nail. And you're done.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Really nice! Living here on the coast items like this sell for a lot of money! Now I can just make my own. Thanks for sharing and saving me some dough!