How to Make Simple 4 Channel ON OFF Remote Control

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Hi guy today I show you How to Make Simple 4 channel ON OFF remote control. For remote control light,remote control fan,remote control motor,remote control light bulb....

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Step 1: Watch This Video From Youtube

This video from my channel will show you about my project

Step 2: Make the Schematic

I use Eagle software for make it. You can download this as PDF file in here and download the code for Attiny here

Step 3: Make PCB by Upload Gerber File to the JLCPCB.COM

Go to for make PCB online

Only 2$ /10pcs for 2 layer PCB and Big Discount on First order Shipping Upload your gerber files and fill in Shipping Adress then click PAY.

Step 4: Received Your PCB After 2 Day

The PCB look great and beauty

Step 5: Order the Component

List of part here

3V battery CR3032

3V battery CR3032 hoder

4 button 2 pin

5 transistor c1815

1 ir led

1 ir led receiver

2 Attiny 13A

1 transistor s9013

1 1ohm resistor

1 100ohm resistor

3 47uf/16v capacitor

4 relay 12V 5 pole

1 Lm7805

1 104 capacitor

5 2.2kilo ohm resistor

5 led 3v

5 4007 diode

4 1kilo ohm resistor

6 domio 2 pin

1 12VDC power source ( adapter)

Step 6: Solder PCB

Solder all component to PCB. We have the name on the top PCB. So this very easy

Step 7: Check and Connect With Load

Oh it work geat



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Reply 1 year ago

Hi Netzener.
I am an electronics lover but I do not have much expertise. I searched for electronic schematics on the internet and tried to draw a printed circuit based on my knowledge, although sometimes I failed but all circuit I shared on instructable this run. I do not understand the whole principle of it I just know how it works each block. It is difficult to explain when I do not understand. Please sympathize for me, I will try harder in the next time.
I want to explain some thing.
‘’ Note in the photos that there is a transistor with the center lead clipped off and a wire has been soldered to the heat sink pad. That was probably done because the PCB layout is wrong”
I don’t use this transistor on my project , my naughty son did that , you can see the PCB when I finish. So my PCB isn’t wrong.
“ The IR detector is pointing in toward the PCB instead of out toward the edge of the PCB”
I deliberately do that because I will put the circuit on the ceiling. The IR detector will now come out of the box and head down to the ground
“There is a resistor lead directly under the 7805 heat sink that can short the regulator output to ground.”
That can not short the regulator output to ground because I have distance 1.5 cm from heatsink to resistor.
“The relays were double throw yet no attempt was made to bring out anything but the NO contact.”
It no problem because at my project I only use NO contact.

Thanks you