How to Make Simple Smart Phone Charger Using L7805CV Voltage Regulator

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Smart phone charger using L7805CV voltage regulator IC. It is very simple using following electronic component

1. L7805CV component

2. Ceramic capacitor code 104 = 100nF (0.1 uF)

3. Ceramic capacitor code 334 = 330nF (0.33 uF)

4. Diode 1N40075. Some breadboard male connector cable6. Breadboard (prototype board)

Very easy and simple electronic component for beginners. The voltage input can range from 7.5 volt up to 18 volt and the L7805CV voltage regulator will convert them into 5 volt which is the ideal voltage to charge a phone. For best result please use Lithium batteries or SLA type batteries as the PP3 9 volt battery are not good enough.

Reference How to make smart phone charger


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