How to Make Simple and Low Cost Auto Fish Feeder

Hi guys, we will be showing you how to make a simple and low cost auto fish feeder.

This kit is designed to control the relay according to the user pre-set timer. By turning the on board’s potentiometer, the time timing can be adjusted by user. The 555 IC timer is configured in monostable mode which is also known as one-shot pulse.
By tuning the potentiometer, the resistance of potentiometer will change. The changing of resistance will cause charging or discharging time of 555 IC timer. It is subsequently affect the time timing (pulse) generated by 555 IC timer. Thus, the relay can be controlled based on the time which is set by the user.

Let's get started!

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Step 1: Gather Your Things Up!

Basically, all you need for this project is:

MB-12 1-120s Timer Kit

Plastic gear motor

DC 9V 2A adapter

10uF 16V capacitor

Mechanical programmable timer

Multicore wires

All of list above available at Mybotic. So, you can get it at our store.

Step 2: Build Your Project!

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