How to Make Sleeping Eye Mask From Old Jeans




Introduction: How to Make Sleeping Eye Mask From Old Jeans

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In this tutorial I am using a old jeans which were just sitting in my cabinet for years I thought why not I use it to make something which could be useful for me like making a sleeping eye mask so I don't have to worry about the light reflecting on my eyes and waking me up ,it's a very simple easy fun project to make use of old jeans.

If you don't understand something please watch the video.

Step 1: Equipments and Tools

For this toturial you will need

Old Jeans



Cotton Roll

Thread Needle

Eye Mask Pattern


Step 2: Sewing the Pattern

Cut out the Pattern and place it over the piece we cut out from jeans cut out the excessive part

Sew it from all round but not on the upper side because we have to fill the foam from there after sewing it flip it inside out.

Step 3: Final Toucups

Stuff the foam inside the mask and sew it from the upper side then take the elastic band over your head and feel if you are comfortable with that elastic size then cut it out and sew it on the side ways the mask .

Out eye mask is ready and it will be very comfy and soft feeling when you wear it out when sleeping.

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