How to Make Smooth Terrain in Minecraft With Worldedit. (First Instructible)




Introduction: How to Make Smooth Terrain in Minecraft With Worldedit. (First Instructible)

This is a guide to make Minecraft smooth terrain with world edit. World edit is a mod for Minecraft.

Step 1: Making the World.

Name your Minecraft world and select your world type. I recommend the void. This is the simplest part over.

Step 2: Getting Your Tools.

Get three tools. One wood axe and any two others of your choice. The axe is used to select with left and right click. The other two are going to become brushes. Select your first one and do this command. /brush cylinder sand 2 4 . This will make sand where you want it by pressing the right click button. Select the second one and do this command. /brush smooth . This will smooth out the terrain.

Step 3: Making the Base Thicker.

When you load the world you will have a two chunk by two chunk area. This is a fine size but we need to make it thicker. Go to one corner and build up one block. Left click with the axe. Go the opposite corner and build up two. Right click with the axe. Do the command //set stone .

Step 4: Building the Terrain.

With your first tool right click all over the area where you want the terrain. If you right click over where you have already right clicked you will make higher terrain. When you are done it will look unatural and have losts of holes. use the seccond tool and right click everywere. This will make it smooth. You may need to make some hand made edits. When you are done you will have a bunch of sand that looks rather natural.

Step 5: Making the Sand, Stone.

GO to the underside of one corner. Left click with your axe. Go the opposite corner and go into the air. Do the command //pos2 .Then do the command //replace sand stone .Now the sand will be stone

Step 6: Adding the Dirt.

Go to a corner and go high in the air. Do the command //pos1 . Go to the opposing corner and go up 1-3 blocks and do the command //pos2 . Then do this command. //set sand . This will cause some lag.Go the underside of the area at the corner you were at and with the axe right click the underside. Do the command //replace sand grass . Now you will have smooth terrain. Later I might make how to change the biome and make it look better.

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    3 years ago

    Honestly, I prefer using VoxelSniper for making terrain. It's built for this sort of thing, and lets you build terrain on a much larger scale.


    3 years ago

    It looks good :) Welcome to Instructables!


    Reply 3 years ago