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Hello Friends in this instructable i made a really cool science project i.e solar powered car it is fun toy to play with and also a educational toy it is very easy to make one because the materials needed to make this is available if you wish to make one of these continue reading

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Step 1: Hate Reading? This Video Is for You

Video showing brilliant way to build a solar powered car

Step 2: Materials

  • DC Motor
  • Solar Panel
  • Wheels
  • Cardboard
  • Steel Wires
  • Hot Glue
  • Tubes

Step 3: Let's Begin

Lets Start by the part which actually drives the wheels,yes that's the DC Motor Which is Directly Connected to Wheel Shaft via Gear..Solder Wires to The Dc Motor

Step 4: Building Phase 1

  • Cardboard of appropriate length is Cut
  • Piece of tube is Glued to it
  • Space for Gear attachment to wheels is made in cardboard

Step 5: Building Phase 2

  • Wheel with gear attachment is inserted inside the Tube
  • Wheels are Connected to shaft and Glued(Shaft diameter was small in my case)
  • Adjustments to drive wheel shaft by motor is made using cardboard pieces

Step 6: Power Source

  • Solar Panel is directly connected to DC Motor
  • Glued to Cardboard to ensure rigidity
  • Just show your Car to Sun and rest of the work is left to nature!!!

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    Reply 10 months ago

    Was wondering about the same , but a a closer look , seems like he is using 6V ,100mA panel ie 0.6 W ( P=VI) and similar capacicity motor


    Question 1 year ago

    How and why would I put this in my pocket?