How to Make Soldering Station





Introduction: How to Make Soldering Station

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In this instructable I am going to show you how to make your own Soldering Station, it works with dimmer switch.

Step 1: Materials

All materials you will need:

1.Soldering Iron Stand

2.Something to build the box (I used plywood)




Step 2: Shape of Box

Make your box with dimensions of your components and size of soldering iron stand.

Step 3: Cut Wooden Parts and Drill Holes

Step 4: Connect Parts

Step 5: Wiring

Connect wires like this:

Blue wire(1.Input)- Dimmer - Switch - 1.Output

Brown wire(2.Input) - 2.Output

Yellow&Green wire(Ground) - Ground

Step 6: Glue All Woden Parts

Step 7: Attach Soldering Iron Stand

Step 8: Test It

Hope you like it. Like this instructables and follow me for more.

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    add a temperature sensor to display temperature........

    Oh I need to make this it's a great project for the shop I will just add a place to hold and dispense the spool is solder thanks for sharing

    1 reply

    Thank you, I will check your version. :-D