How to Make Spray Paint Can From Empty Deo Can.

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We use deodorants and once used they are recycled into scrap metal, so I thought of making something from these used deo cans. And this way I made this DIY project. This takes about 10-30mins to make one spray paint can from used deo can.

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Step 1: Requirements

For this DIY Project we need following requirements:

1) Used Pump Spray Deo can

2) Filing Set (Opt)

3) Nail

4) Oil paint

5) Acrylic Paint

6) Paint thinner

7) Syringe

8) Paper Cups

9) Paint Brush

Note: Only Pump Spray Cans can be used, Aerosol cans do not give same results.( coz they have valve)

Step 2: Making a Hole in the Can.

Start with a Pump Spray Can (which do not use propellant), make sure it is empty.

Take a sharp file (Tool) OR You can use hammer and nail. Make a hole in the neck of Can, and make sure it is slightly larger than the tip syringe (without needle). Use safety gloves while making the hole.

Step 3: Make Mixture of Paint and Thinner.

You can use oil paints or acrylic paints based on your needs.

For oil paint:

First take required quantity of paint in a cup for mixing.

Add Paint Thinner to paint in the ratio of 3:1 i.e 3 parts of paint and 1 part of paint thinner.(15:5ml)

OR make a mix suitable for you.

For Acrylic Paint:

For acrylic paint follow same steps, but the ratio may be different and water can be used for dilution.

Step 4: Filling Paint in the Can

After making paint mixture, fill the paint in the syringe.

Then through the hole in the can insert syringe and transfer paint into the can.

Note: Add enough Paint to the can, less quantity of paint can give improper results.

After all done, enjoy spray painting with your DIY Paint Can.

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Well done on *not* re-purposing an aerosol can into an unreliable, inconsistent pressure, hazard in waiting :)

    This makes a refreshing change ... !

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    thankyou.i made it to paint a huge cardboard model of my school

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Awesome, hope it worked good for your school model. Feel free to share pic of your painted model.