How to Make Star Wars Themed Ice Cubes, Chocolate, Cookies, and Butter




Introduction: How to Make Star Wars Themed Ice Cubes, Chocolate, Cookies, and Butter

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This instructable will show you how to make  Star Wars Themed Ice Cubes, chocolate, cookies, and butter. Yes Star Wars themed Butter.

Step 1: What You Will Need

molds of the Star Wars items you wish to make your creations out of. you can get them on

First step is to get whatever you wnat the mold to be of. For Ice Cubes you put water in the molds, for chocolate you will melt the chocolate, then pour the chocolate along with whatever you want in the chocolate (like fudge or cherries) in with the melted chocolate.

The same goes for cookies, put the cookie dough in the mold , then (check the box to see if it can go in the oven, if not spray some PAM on the mold before you put the cookie dough in so once you have it filled you can take it out and put it on a cookie sheet)

Step 2:

I have herd of (but not seen) butter being used. The same thing would go for the butter as for chocolate, just soften, or completely melt the butter to pur into the mold put in the fridge and let harden, after that pop it out of the mold (sould line the mold with plastic or spray with PAM so it comes out easy)

And now you can enjoy the holidays with your favorite star wars goodies

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    5 years ago

    This is cool


    6 years ago

    ​I actually did this last year; the cookie is from a cutter set I bought at William-Sonoma, and which I covered in fondant. Details were piped with royal icing. The Falcon and R2 are solid chocolate, and the Vader heads are actually red velvet cake bites.

    My husband and I are total Star Wars nerds. He was thrilled with these treats, and his friends at work were super jealous. =)

    - e

    2014, 6:20 AM.jpg2014, 6:20 AM.jpg2014, 6:20 AM.jpg2014, 6:20 AM.jpg

    This sounds like a great idea! Do you have any pictures of the chocolates or cookies that you have made using this method?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    so far I have olny made Ice cubes, been busy doing homework :(