How to Make: Starguardian Lux Wand

Introduction: How to Make: Starguardian Lux Wand

Lux is a character from the game League of Legends. Starguardian is my favorite skin of Lux. I'll tell you how to make the Starguardian Lux Wand!

For the Starguardian Lux Wand you will need the following:

- 3D printer
- Lasercutter
- Circular saw (or any other saw that can saw PPC tubes)
- Vacuum forming machine

- Glue gun
- Super glue
- Wood glue
- White, pink, yellow and purple paint
- 2x Cheap LED (christmas) lights
- Batterys (and some extra, you never know!) for the LED lights
- 4 little hinges (for the batterybox)
- 2 meter PPC tube (4cm wide) that you need to saw with the circular saw into two pieces (each 40 cm)
- 3mm triplex wood
- 6mm triplex wood

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Step 1: Use for the Lasercutter

!! PRINT TWO OF THESE (1 piece of triplex wood for each side of the wand) !!
Use for the lasercutter. You'll need two pieces of triplex wood with a width and height of 60x30cm and a thickness of 6mm.


Step 2: Check If You're Satisfied

Are you satisfied with how it looks? Go to the next step. If you're not satisfied with it, you can play around with the size. But be careful: if you do that, you'll need to change the size of the other files/patterns as well.

Step 3: Mold Making

Make a mold. You can use the wooden star from the lasercutter that you won't use for the Starguardian Lux Wand and the half_star.stl file for the 3D printer.

Step 4: Vacuum Forming Machine

Use the mold that you've just made for the vacuum forming machine. Use some yellow-ish plastic for the machine. You'll need 4 yellow plastic stars.

Step 5: Place the Plastic Star in the Wooden Star

Use some scissors to cut the plastic star and place it in the wooden star. Use a lot of pressure. It should fit almost perfectly. If you have some problems with it, use some sandpaper for the wood to make it a little bit smoother.

Step 6: Battery Box


Use for the lasercutter. You'll need a piece of wood that has a width and height of at least 15x88 cm and a thickness of 3mm.
PAY ATTENTION: The size of this box fits the battery box of my LED lights perfectly. Measure the battery box of your LED lights and make a wooden box that will fit for you.

You'll need little hinges for the battery box. (You'll need two for each battery box.)


Step 7: Battery Box With Little Hinges

Your battery box should look similar like this.

Use some wood glue and/or super glue to make the battery box. Use super glue for the hinges.

Step 8: Glue It Together

Use super glue and a heat gun to attach the yellow star to the wood. Glue the pieces of wood together with wood glue. Glue the LED lights in the inside of the yellow star with a heat gun.

Step 9: Lasercutter (again)

Use for the lasercutter. You'll need a piece of wood that has a width and height of at least 16x17 cm and a thickness of 6mm.

When you've used the file for the lasercutter: Glue the weird horseshoe thingy to the rest with some wood glue and/or heatgun (see picture above). You can place the yellow star on top now and glue it all together. Glue it with a heatgun all around it for extra strength.


Step 10: Circles

Glue the round circles like the picture above.
PAY ATTENTION: only glue the half circles on top of each other, not the whole circle yet!

Step 11: Glue Everything Together

Now glue everything together like the picture above and you're good to go!

Step 12: Paint It!

Paint it in the colors pink, purple, yellow and white.

You are finished!
YAY!!! :D

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    3 years ago

    I love the combination of awesome tools you used to get all the parts made for this.

    Very nicely done!