How to Make Stick Figures Come Alive!


Introduction: How to Make Stick Figures Come Alive!

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Tools and materials required

You will need:

  • Whiteboard marker
  • Some water
  • A shiny surface

Step 1: Watch the Video Then Make Some Magic!

Step 1
Draw stick figures on your shiny surface with your whiteboard marker. Leave them a while so that they dry.

Step 2

Make sure your surface is perfectly flat (i.e. lay it on a table or the floor) then gently pour some water on to your stick people. [The oils in the whiteboard marker are less dense than the water so they float to the surface, 'peeling' the marker off the shiny surface as they do so].

Step 3

Blow on the surface of the water and watch your stick figures come alive! Watch this 50 second video to see what happens:


This 'magic trick' will bring out the kid in you and make you smile!

Did you enjoy this instructable? Did your kids love it? Let me know by commenting below. :-)





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    2 Discussions

    I will try this as soon as I can. I assume that the board you are writing on should be played flat and not on the wall.

    1 reply

    Hello Mrs Merwin, thank you for your comment.

    Yes you are correct, the surface needs to be flat. I was lucky as I have a glossy white table at home - that's what I used in the instructable.

    Enjoy! :-)