How to Make Super Bright Flash Light With LED - DIY: Super Bright Light

Introduction: How to Make Super Bright Flash Light With LED - DIY: Super Bright Light

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Step 1: 4v LED Strips As LED

you can buy LED stips from here.

4v LED Strip + 4v Battery :

Step 2: Connection

Connect 2 strips in parallel.

Step 3: Double Sided Tape for Fixing

You can get it from here


Step 4: Battery

For the cost-cutting, I have used 4v Lead Acid Battery.

You can use lipo or 18650 battery With Protection Board

Here is

3.7v Li-po Battery Link

18650 Battery Link

Protection Board Link

Step 5: Attachment

Attached the LED strips on the Battery.

Step 6: Box for All Components

Switch Link

micro USB ** Bought it offline

Case **Old watch case

Step 7: Circuit Diagram

Step 8: Turned on the Switch

See the Bright Light

Sufficient For anyone.

Step 9: Charging

I am charging the Light With PowerBank Now You can See The White LED is on While Charging So it Means It Is Charging.

Step 10: Use While Charging

You Can Use the LED Light While it is charging.

Step 11: Watch the Full Video & You Will Understand Every Thing

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    Creative creator
    Creative creator

    1 year ago

    Can You Say What Extra Component I Have Used in Circuit Diagram Which is not Essential ?