How to Make Superman Eyes EZ-style Incl Video




Introduction: How to Make Superman Eyes EZ-style Incl Video

Let's make Superman's Eyes, about to melt someone (or something)...bit of wire, clear plastic,

and some LEDs is all we need. Let's go!

Step 1: Tools and Material


- Soldering iron plus solder

- Dremeltool or handdrill + 0.5mm drillbit

- Sharp knife or Scissors (short bladed for more cutting power)


- Polycarbonate, clear

- 10 red 1.8mm LEDs

- Switch

- Battery holder (2032 plus cell)

- Wire

Step 2: The Steps

1. Get some cardboard and cut a stripe out of it, about 3-4mm thin only, and going from one ear

to the other ear, passing over your eyes, sitting on your nose (like glasses).

2. Transfer it to the PC, cut it out and bend it the same way to make it go around your melon. Mark the

spots where your eyes look through, easiest in front of a mirror.

3. Drill 5 holes, the first one on the middle-mark of your eyes, and to more left and right from that point,

distance depends on your LEDs, 2.5mm apart in my case here...

4. Put in the LEDs, and solder them all together. The longer pin should always be + !

5. Connect the LED arrays by a piece of STRIPPED wire. Run some more wire down the edge, to one end

of the PC frame, to make sure they are nearly invisible.

6. Connect the + wire to the switch, using unstripped wire now. - goes to battery holder and + switch meets + battery holder, and we are done.....almost.

7. To make sure you don't blind yourself, make sure you glue a piece of cardboard or dark foam on the

backside of your LEDs...they are so bright, they "backfire". And now we are done.

Step 3: Instructional Video

Just to make sure you see what I did to get this done, I made a video during progress...

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    The eyes also look like the reverse flash eyes on cw the t.v show looks really cool


    3 years ago

    Quite cool! I will have to make one of these for my Dungeon Master attire.