How to Make TAPE Cutter Dispenser From Cardboard DIY at HOME Version 2.0



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Materials you will need-


-Tape (of your choice)

-White board marker (Black)



-Foldable cardboard


-Screw driver

-Glue gun

-Wooden stick

-Grey coloured chart paper

-Candy stick

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Step 1: Take Any Tape of Your Choice, and Mark Around It With a Pencil on a Cardboard As Shown.

Step 2: Make an Elephant Shape Around the Circle Using the White Board Marker. Cut the Shape With the Help of Cutter.

Step 3: Take Cardboard Strips Having Width Greater Than the Cello Tape, and Place Them As Shown. Place Foldable Cardboard As Shown.

Step 4: Using the Screw Driver, Remove the Blade of the Sharpener, and Glue It on Top of the Foldable Cardboard As Shown. Cover the Blade With Another Piece of Foldable Cardboard, Leaving Just the Tip Exposed.

Step 5: Place a Piece of Foldable Cardboard As Shown in the Image. Now, Cover the Inner Circle of the Tape With Cardboard.

Step 6: Make a Hole in the Middle of the Circle and Insert a Wooden Stick Through It As Shown. Place This Tape in the Groove As Shown.

Step 7: Now, Cover the Other Side With a Similar Elephant Shaped Cut-out and And Stick the Grey Paper on Both Sides. Place a Piece of Candy Stick As Shown.

Step 8: Using Different Coloured Papers, Make the Eyes and Ears of the Elephant As Desired. Finally, Place the Tape in the Groove. Your Tape Dispenser Is Ready for Use!

Step 9: Watch the Video for a Detailed Tutorial!

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