How to Make TDA2030 Amplifier- HiFi AMP


Introduction: How to Make TDA2030 Amplifier- HiFi AMP

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Click here to watch video tutorial of making TDA2030 amplifier

Hey guys , how are you ? Hope you're all well . From very long time I've been waiting to upload this video . But as I didn't have so much time to upload it. I'm so so sorry for that .but now I'm here with the latest video . In this video we'll watch a sound test or you can say it a bass test of a Power Amplifier IC called TDA2030a . TDA2030a: TDA2030a amplifier IC is so popular in the electronics amplifier market . Because the quality ,cost efficiency & the output power factor . It works so well however the voltage is not in required level . And the bass is also satisfying . We may compare so many power amplifier IC to this one like STK4141, LA4440 and so on . But this one is really the great , It contains 5 working pins . It also requires a heat sink must . Cause as this IC produce lots of heat so must have to connect heatsink .Otherwise your IC will be burned out . So be carefull about this . It gives about 10watt RMS as the output power which is quite satisfying for a low budget mini audio amplifier . And the input voltage level is around 8v-18v. Iused 12v-3A here . And the most important thing is it requires the input voltage biasing .That means it need both positive (+ve) & negative (-ve) supply to turn on . And a ground pin also . But if you modify the circuit diagram for single power source then it'll be okay for you . Then you can go wih the single power supply . Okay . I hope I gave you some important tips about making TDA2030 amps . If I'm requested then for sure I'll make a tutorial video that "How can we make a mini amplifier using TDA2030a IC" . Here is my facebook link . You can text me there anytime for any kinda help . I'll be ready to help you if I know thematter or term correctly . Otherwise I'll provide you websites to make it easy for you . Here is my Educational Website link: Follow me on #Twitter : @AshiqagentsThank you everyone for watching this video . If you like this video give a #Thumbs_Up & don't forget to #Subscribe this channelfor more upcoming videos about electrical solution . I'll be there for you guys to help . Adios . Ta Ta . Bye Bye :)

Step 1: Watch This Video to Complete Full Project

I added the video link with this instructables hope you'll take a look

Click here to watch video tutorial of making TDA2030 amplifier



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    For what its worth the TDA2030 appears to be obsolete now, though some distributors still stock it.

    The TI LM675T and LM1875T parts have the same pin-out and are functionally very similar so should require minimal circuit changes.