How to Make Talk Powder ?

Introduction: How to Make Talk Powder ?

About: French art sculptor / Artist & Youtuber

Step 1: The Stone, the Steatite

Talk powder can be obtain by a specific stone named steatite.

There are different colors of stones but the talk is the same.

Step 2: A Soft Stone

The steatite is a soft stone. It's easy to work with.

A knife can sculpt it easily. With a rasp, talc is fine and easy to collect.

Finally you can use talk for the skin or for ceramic art too !



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    Please note that the American Cancer Society has said that some natural talc is formed with asbestos, and as such is a carcinogen. Asbestos containing talc is no longer used in the US, since the 70s, but this doesn't protect you from making it yourself.

    "Talk"? It's actually spelled "Talc"!