How to Make Taser Glove for Under 5$ ! (DIY Taser Glove)

Introduction: How to Make Taser Glove for Under 5$ ! (DIY Taser Glove)

How To Make A Taser Glove For Under 5$ ! Its Very Powerful And As Always Its Easy , Cheap And Fun To Build . Hope You Enjoy It ^_^

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Step 1: Warning !

High Voltage Is Dangerous ! Please Don't Try This Experiment If You Don't Have Information's And Experience About High Voltage !

Step 2: Components :

- A boost convertor

- 9V battery & its clip

- Gardening glove

- Momentary switch

Step 3: Circuit Diagram :

Simple Isn't It !? :)

Step 4: How to Make It ?

Simply Watch the video ^_^

Step 5: Check Out My Other Project :

Take A Look At My Youtube Channel For More Amazing Videos Like This , They Are All Easy, Simple And Fun To Make .

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