How to Make Test Dividers



Teachers for years have been trying to figure out a fool-proof design for test dividers when reorganizing the whole room is not within the realm of possibilities. Finally, a design has been created which is not only fool proof, but easy to put together as well as store. 

*Note: These designs are specifically for a 54"x64" table*


1 54”x64” table
2 pieces of 11”x15”x3mm cardboard
4 pieces of 14.5”x15”x3mm cardboard
4 pieces of 16”x15”x3mm cardboard
2 piece of 9.25”x15”x3mm cardboard
8 pieces of 10”x4”x2” plastic blocks
1 plastic 4”x4”x2” “X” shaped connector
1 plastic 2”x2”x7mm “Y” shaped connector

Step 1:

On a 54”x64” table put all materials on table.

Step 2:

Imagine the table in three sections.

Step 3:

In the first ⅓ section split the table into two sections.

Step 4:

In the remaining 2 section, remove the imaginary line and make it a large section.

Step 5:

On the side of the table where the remaining 3 sections are, create a triangle with the corners of the table that meet in the middle of the larger section.

Step 6:

With the remaining area of the larger section, draw an imaginary line from the tip of the triangle leading into the section that was split into two.

Step 7:

With two of the plastic pieces place it on the imaginary line (on top of one another) that was drawn in step 3, creating two sections. Place it in the middle of the imaginary line.

Step 8:

Place two more of the plastic pieces on the opposite line. Place them in the middle the imaginary line.

Step 9:

Place two other plastic pieces on one side of the imaginary triangle. Place it in the middle of the imaginary line.

Step 10:

Finally, place the remaining two plastic pieces on the other triangle side. Place them in the middle of the imaginary line.

Step 11:

Once all 8 plastic pieces are in place, take the “X” connector and place it, lining up, on the intersection that is formed by the intersecting lines.

Step 12:

Take the “Y” connector and place it at the intersection of the tip of the triangle to the continuing line of the first intersection.

Step 13:

Once all the steps are complete for placing the bases, take the 19.5”x15”x3mm piece of cardboard and slide it into the “X” connector.

Step 14:

Take the four 15”x15”x3mm cardboard pieces and clip them into the perpendicular lines from the 19.5” and they should also slide into the “X” connector and the 4 plastic blocks.

Step 15:

Take the 19.5”x15”x3mm piece of cardboard and clip it into the “Y” connector that is a continuation of the 19.5”.

Step 16:

Finally, take the four 16”x15”x3mm pieces of cardboard and clip them into the four remaining plastic blocks that create the sides of the triangle.

Step 17:

All cardboard pieces should also slide into its corresponding “X” and “Y” connectors.



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