How to Make Things Glow




Warning: The materials used in this instructable are dangerous and some are even toxic. Do not ingest the glowing substance you create.

In this instructable we are going to learn how to make things glow with Luminol.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- 2 large ceramic mixing bowls

- Clear Container

- 2 liters of distilled water

- 50 millimeters of 30% hydrogen peroxide

- 0.2 grams of luminol (do not touch it, use gloves)

- 4 grams of sodium carbonate

- 0.5 gram of ammonium carbonate

- 0.4 grams of copper sulfate pentahydrate

- Protective Glasses

- Gloves

- Funnel and other measuring devices

Step 2: Put on Protective Glasses

Try to put on gloves too. You're working with a chemical with a PH of 12.

Step 3: Mixing Chemicals

Combine 50 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide with a liter of distilled water in a mixing bowl. You can use a ceramic bowl or a plastic bowl. Use funnels and other measuring tools to keep everything well measured and away from you. (Make sure to use 30% hydrogen peroxide)

Step 4: Mixing Part.2

Mix .2 grams of luminol, 4 grams of sodium carbonate, .4 grams of copper sulfate, .5 grams of ammonium carbonate and 1 liter (0.3 US gal) of distilled water in a second bowl. It is very important to not touch the luminol. Use a funnel to make everything safe. Mix everything well. Use a different bowl.

Step 5: Containers

Clean the containers and dry them thoroughly. It is important to use clean containers for you glowing substances. Almost done...

Step 6: Combining the Mixtures

Combine equal amounts of the first and second substance in the container and seal it tightly. Shake it after you have sealed it. Now sit back and enjoy the glow!

- If it is not glowing something has gone wrong.

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