How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Learn how to make easy, pretty tissue paper flowers which require few supplies!

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Step 1: Gather All Necessary Materials

• 12in by 6in sheets of your preferred color of tissue paper

• Green pipe cleaner

• Ruler

• Scissors

Step 2: Stack Three Sheets of Tissue Paper (of Preferred Color) on Top of One Another

  • Make sure they are 12 in. by 6in., if they are not 12 in. by 6 in. use your ruler and scissors to cut them to size
  • If you would like a larger than average size flower, you may leave the size of your tissue paper as is

Step 3: Draw Your Attention to the Shorter Side, the 6-inch Side, and Fold Inwards One Inch

Step 4: Once You Have Made This Fold Turn Your Tissue Paper Over and Make Another Fold That Will Stack on Top of the First One

  • Accordion Style folding: zig zag folding in which two parallel folds go in opposite directions

Step 5: Continue This Process Until You Have Folded the Paper Completely on Top of Each Previous Fold. It Should Look Like an Accordion

Step 6: Trim the Short Ends of the Tissue Paper Accordion to Be Rounded Out Instead of Square

Step 7: Grab Your Pipe Cleaner and Place It on the Table

Step 8: Place Your Tissue Paper on Top of the Pipe Cleaner, Where the Pipe Cleaner Is Behind the Middle of the Tissue Paper Long Ways

Step 9: Have About Two Inches of the Pipe Cleaner Coming Out the Left Side and Leave the Rest Hanging Out the Right Side

Step 10: Loop the Two Inches That Was Over the Left Side Around the Tissue Paper and Twist the Pipe Cleaner Around Itself to Secure It

Step 11: Pick a Side, and Begin to Open the Accordion Folds You Made

Step 12: Repeat on the Other Side

Step 13: Carefully Separate the 3 Sheets of Tissue Paper to Open Up the Pedals

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