How to Make Tree Branch Wire Bracelet With Orange Beads




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Autumn is coming, are you looking for branch jewelry? Today, this tutorial is entirely about how to make tree branch wire bracelets with beads.

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Step 1: Materials Needed in Making Wire Tree Branch Bracelet With Beads:

0.3MM Copper Wire

0.8MM Copper Wire

6MM Pearl Glass Beads

2MM Seed Beads

Lobster Clasp

Jump rings

Step 2: Make the Trunk for the Tree Branch Bracelet

1st, cut off about 80cm 0.8mm copper wire, make a loop in the middle of the wire;

2nd, cut off about 120cm 0.3mm copper wire, wrap it around the 0.8mm copper wire, keep one 0.3mm copper wire and one 0.8mm copper wire as a strand, then twist the two strands together; this is the trunk of the tree.

Step 3: Make the Tree Branch for the Wire Bracelet

1st, slide three seed beads onto one 0.3mm copper wire, keep the first seed bead far about 1cm from the trunk, through the wire back to the first seed bead and tighten wires, then twist the 0.3mm wires about 0.5cm, this is one twig of this branch, the end of the twisted wires is the branch collar of the branch;

2nd, add a 6mm pearl bead onto the wire, far about 1cm from the branch collar, twist the wires about 0.5cm, this is another twig of this branch;

3rd, add three seed beads again, do the same with the first twig, remember far about 0.5cm from the second branch collar, this is the third twig of this branch;

4th, continue to twist the copper wires until get to the trunk of the tree, now you have finished one upward branch;

Step 4:

5th, continue to twist two strands about 1cm, make another branch in the same method, keep this branch downward;

6th, wire wrap the rest branches in the same method until get your desired length, remember to keep the branches upward and downward alternatively.

Step 5: Finish Making Tree Branch Wire Bracelet With Beads

1st, continue to twist two strands to fit your wrist, make a loop at end, then twist the wires;

2nd, use a jumpring to connect lobster to attach both end loops of the tree branch bracelet.

Step 6: This Is the Final Look of the Tree Branch Bracelet:

Well done! This tree branch jewelry design is done! I believe you have learnt how to make tree branch wire bracelet with beads. It looks so warm and fantastic! Do you deserve to have such golden tree branch bracelet? Just do it step by step!

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