How to Make Trike Drift 9v (Tricycle)?




Introduction: How to Make Trike Drift 9v (Tricycle)?

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A vehicle similar to a bicycle, but having three wheels, two at the back and one at the front.

Here's how to make a small trycicle 9v, with recovery of materials.

In the draft, we take a tricycle with a 9V motor.

It will be made from recycled parts :

  • Stick ice
  • Soda caps
  • 9 volt battery
  • 9 volt connector
  • a straw
  • you will also bessoin an old DVD player for the engine.


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Step 1: Get the Engine

Unlock the DVD drawer, on the front there is a small hole with a paper clip press it.

Remove the 4 screws on the below.

Remove all parts to recover the engine that allows the opening of the drawer.

The engine is simply fixed by two small screws

Step 2: Engine Connection

Strip the wires of the motor and the wires of the 9 volts connector.

Add on the wires the sheath thermoretractable you can also use tape later.

Linking wires of engine and of connector.

At that time you can change the direction of rotation of the motor by reversing the wires.

You can simply twist the wire or make welding with a lighter (You can see in the vidéo : ).

Step 3: Make Rearle Axle

Take a cap, pierced the with a small screwdriver.

Pass the skewer in the cap.

With the glue gun creates the first wheel.

Cut a stick in two.

Cut the straw of the length of the stick.

With the glue gun stick the straw on the stick

Spend the first wheel and the stick in the straw.

Adjust the length of the skewer

Then do the second wheel.

Rear axle is finished

Step 4: Make Chassi

Put some glue on the engine and positioned the cap.

Paste a stick on the motor, attention to the direction of rotation.

And paste on the axle.

Your car rolls

Step 5: Add Battery

You will now be able to paste the battery.

The simple switch, simply move the connector.

With an rubber band you will attach the wires

The car works.

Step 6: Finish

Create a small seat, for aesthetics.

Here the car is finished.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable

All steps are in the video.

I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

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