How to Make Typical Food of Venezuela (Pabellón)

Introduction: How to Make Typical Food of Venezuela (Pabellón)

The typical food of Venezuela is called the Pavilion, this food comes from the times of colonization in this region, its main elements are White Rice, shredded beef, black beans and Fried Banana Chops.

They are representing the three great cultures of Venezuela: European (white rice), Indian (moreno: meat) and African (black: black beans).

What You'll Need

    500g dried black beans

    1 kg of beef brisket

    4 large onion

    6 red peppers

    3 cloves garlic


    2 cup of rice

    cup of rice

    2 cups water.

    1 ripe bananas


    The pavilion is composed of 4 elements that can be prepared separately for later be joined and create a delicious blend of flavors.

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    Step 1: ​Black Beans

    Put them to boil with a tablespoon of salt, high heat, if necessary, add more water to keep the water at higher than black beans, repeat this process until the black beans are tender.

    Fry seasoning of black beans in a pot with oil and add two cloves of minced garlic, stir the garlic with oil.

    Then add the onion and stir with garlic and oil. and then add red pepper, this will also stir with the above added, let fry for a time until wilted, until the onion is golden and red pepper is brown.

    Note: not all seasonings are frying is for black beans, also will use them for meat.

    Add 1/3 of the pot fried black beans seasonings and flavors mix with heat for 5 mintutos.

    Note: The 2/3 fried seasonings will be used for meat!

    Step 2: Fried Plantain Slices

    Heat oil in skillet.

    Peel and cut the bananas into slices.

    Add the slices in hot oil for frying, and removed when browned on both sides.

    Then put to drain on a plate with paper towels.

    Step 3: White Rice

    Boil in a pot with 4 cups of water (enough to reach the level of rice), then we add 2 cups white rice.

    Stir white rice with water, early is advisable to boil over high heat, but three minutes after being put boiling over low heat.

    after white rice feels soft and the water is almost evaporated (as in Figure 2), turn off the heat and let the rice cool.

    Step 4: The Meat

    In a pot add enough water to cover the meat, a pinch of salt, onion and cilantro, bring to boil over medium heat for 2 hours, taking care that the water does not dry out and the meat is cooked and ready to do meatloaf.

    get the meat from the pot, wait for it to cool slightly with a fork we started pulling the strings of meat, after separating the strands of meat with a fork we can do by hand for smaller chains.

    the next step is to get the 2/3 fried seasonings (In step of black beans) and will agrear a pan. Then add the meat threads.

    By having everything in the pan to mix them all as, add fire for about 6 to 10 minutes.

    Step 5: We Join the 4 Elements and Enjoy!

    This is the step that I like join the 4 elements in the portions that you like and enjoy a Venezuelan-style dish;)

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