How to Make USB Powerbank From Old Laptop Battery

Intro: How to Make USB Powerbank From Old Laptop Battery

Recycle your old laptop battery into a usb power bank.

Steps are neatly explained in the video,



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    2 years ago

    Nice intractable, as it reveals the tremendous secret of "how laptop batteries are made"?.

    One question: to my knowledge, all the elements of a bank (6 in your case) must be identical, otherwise they will charge at a different pace and could become harmful: any clue about that?

    a second question: any clue about why an element could get hot? is that element completely exhausted? (to be thrown in the garbage?)

    One suggestion: show in the video (or suggest in the subtitles) to mark with a merger polarities as tested, otherwise there be some confusion.

    Thx again for the intractable.